IM/MOBILITY by Lotte Mueller

IM/MOBILITY plays with expectations and explores different perspectives on mobility. The seventy-minutes performance at the intersection of circus arts and contemporary dance in connection with vocal live music moves vertically, horizontally, inside and outside, in social space as well as physical. It questions the rigidity of structures and the potential for change through one’s own physical and mental flexibility. Mobility is closely interwoven with the encounter of diversity and the search for successful communication. In the immersive space stage, the five different performers enter into a dynamic dialogue with each other and the audience. Experiencing the unpredictable and chaos in the midst of pulleys are not limiting complications, but part of the progress. In the process, the uncovering of absurdity sparks a unique humor. Lotte Mueller’s work IM/MOBILITY takes a sensitive look at the interpersonal, celebrates connectedness and the possibilities of creating something new from it.


IM/MOBILITY | Trailer from Lotte Mueller on Vimeo.

Premiere: 29. September 2021 at HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, Germany

Language: non verbal, english and the particular language where the performance takes place
Accessibility: wheelchair accessible, audio description and haptic access tour possible

Artistic direction, creation & concept LOTTE MUELLER | Performance & co-creation KAROLINE AAMÅS, FLORENCIA BUZZO, TATIANA CHOLEWA, LAURA ESPOSITO, OLGA TABITHA XAVIER | Technical direction TILL NOLLMANN | Dramaturgical advice ALINA TAMMARO, GEORG PELZER | Costume NORA BREGULLA | Documentation video & trailer GEORG PELZER | Organisation & administration JOSEPHA VOGEL, NICOLE MEIER

A production by Lotte Mueller. In Coproduction with HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, TANZPAKT Dresden and Villa Wigmann. Funded by the Cultural Foundation of the free state Saxony and the City of Leipzig, Cultural Office and the state capital Dresden, Office for Culture and Monument Protection. In cooperation with LOFFT – Das Theater. This measure is co-financed by tax revenues on the basis of the budget adopted by the Saxon State Parliament. Supported by Kletterjob, Zirkomania, Artistenkombinat Leipzig.

„The European centre for the Arts Hellerau with its great main stage is also an excellent venue, […] Lotte Mueller’s internationally cast troupe takes advantage of this opportunity in its very own way. There is life […] in the „high house“, artistic things are skillfully mixed with voice volume, characters and situations. […] That is original comedic, the change of sensitivities, a play with expectation and happening, tension and relaxation. No wonder that the audience, which can place itself in the stage area […], noticeably enjoys it.“

–Gabriele Gorgas (translated)–